Precimar ICM 25 Long range indicator checker
The Precimar ICM 25 is the most cost effective test station for manual testing of digital and dial indicators, dial test indicator measuring devices as well as inductive and incremental measuring probes.
  • Testpiece held by a vertical guide. Fast height adjustment to adapt indoicators according to the measuring range
  • Rigid, box-shaped device housing
  • For measuring objects with 8 mm, 3/8'' shaft diameter
  • All control elements are ergonomically arranged
  • Complies with Ernst Abbe's comparator principle for maximum measuring accuracy
  • MarCeck display unit with large clearly readable LCD monochrome difital display 8240x160 pixels) with background illumination with 13 mm/ .512" high digits
  • User selectable for either inch or metric
  • Interfaces:

    - RS232

    - USB

  • Datos técnicos
  • Aplicaciones

Desviación de la medición de longitudes MPEE1 (L en mm) [µm]
± 0.2

For testing of:

  • Dial indicators (analog and digital)
  • Dial comparators (analog and digital)
  • Dial test indicator measuring devices (analog and digital)
  • Inductive and incremental probes