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The latest news on quality assurance - March 2020
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- Smart Factory: New standard for metrology
- Running smoothly? Magnetic field measurement for the optimal electric motor
- The secret of our bestseller MarSurf CD/ GD/ VD
- Making the measurement data of handheld measuring equipment traceable
- In retrospect: Topics and trends at NORTEC

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Smart Factory: New Standard for metrology
Networked, intelligent, self-controlling, resource-saving production – this is the high goal of Industry 4.0. To ensure that metrology also fulfills its role in this scenario, Mahr is working together with other manufacturers on a new communication standard based on OPC UA.
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Optimizing electric motors with magnetic field measurement
In order to optimize an electric motor in terms of efficiency and noise, the magnets used must meet the most precise specifications. Position-dependent magnetic field measurement can be used for testing.
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Surface bestseller MarSurf: high-performing package
Almost two years after its market launch, the MarSurf CD/ GD/ VD series for measuring contour and roughness breaks all records; never before have we sold so many machines in such a short time. The secret? The uniform, self-contained system.
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Analyzing surfaces: Is 3D better?
In addition to the proven, tactile measuring methods, optical 3D measuring devices today offer you new insights into the structures of your workpiece surface. Find out here when three-dimensional analysis offers you advantages.
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Making the measurement data of handheld gages traceable
The traceability of measurement data according to IATF is no problem for automated measuring equipment; but for users of handheld measuring equipment all the more so? How Mahr overcomes this hurdle - an interview with Böhme & Weihs.
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