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Bestseller MarSurf: powerful overall package for your quality assurance

28.01.2020 | Products | Reilly, Karin
The MarControl enables the setting of measuring processes directly on the device.
The optimized measuring program facilitates regular checking of the measuring station.

Almost two years after its market launch, the MarSurf CD, GD and VD series for measuring contour and roughness breaks all records; never before have we sold so many machines in such a short time. The secret? The uniform, self-contained system: intuitive operation and enormous flexibility – with all-encompassing performance.

Our customers agree: The measuring machines of the MarSurf CD/ GD/ VD series fulfill almost every wish. Whether fast single measurements, automated repeated measurements or measurements with changing workpiece sizes – the MarSurf CD, GD or VD is the right choice for every application. The real value lies in the fact that the machines are not only enormously flexible in use, but also particularly user-friendly and uncomplicated in their daily application. We asked our customers which machine characteristics they consider to be particularly important.

Fast commissioning saves time

Time is probably the most important resource of measurement engineers – because saving time usually always means saving money. The feedback from our customers is clear here: you already save time with the uncomplicated setup and automated acceptance. Thanks to the new, optimized measuring program, even later retooling or replacement of e.g. probe arms is perceived as easy and uncomplicated.

Easy handling is what counts

Another indispensable component of MarSurf's success is MarControl. Using this HMI panel for manual control, all axes can be steplessly moved simultaneously and programs started at the touch of a button on the touch control panel. Based on the experience of our customers, this function makes additional work with keyboard and monitor unnecessary.

Flexible speeds and pause function

The potentiometer is also named as one of the most important functions. It is used to control the speed during measurement sequences. Whether faster or slower, the measurement technician can adjust the speed of his measurement individually to the current task. The possibility of being able to pause a measurement completely is particularly convincing.

Well thought-out overall concept that works

Our customers' verdict is consistently positive, as MarSurf CD/ GD/ VD machines receive full marks for user-friendliness, quality and flexibility. The control directly at the measuring station, the connection via Ethernet and the various possibilities for individualization round off the product to a self-contained system that forms a useful unit and enriches every quality assurance.

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