Contour and surface measurement in a new dimension

The new MarSurf devices from Mahr impress with their short measuring
times, high flexibility and more reliability for workpiece, machine and operator.


Mahr will be presenting three new product series for contour and surface meas-urement at this year's Control 2018 in Stuttgart. The measuring stations from the MarSurf program have one thing above all: more speed.

Reduce measurement times and significantly increase performance. This is precisely where Mahr comes in with the new MarSurf devices: they are optimized to accelerate measuring processes and simplify handling. In order to achieve this goal, Mahr has increased the axis speed, developed an innovative clamping system and equipped the probe system with intelligence.
MarSurf CD, Mar Surf GD and MarSurf VD – these are the names of the new series from Mahr. While the CD series measuring stations are used for checking contours, the MarSurf GD units are the new reference measuring stations for roughness and waviness tests of the metrology specialist. The third series in the league, MarSurf VD, combines contour and roughness measurement in just one system. Depending on the measuring task, either the roughness probe system or the contour probe system can be used with these devices.

Mount workpieces easily and flexibly
The rule of thumb for quality assurance of workpieces is: the less handling, the faster the measuring processes. The key to this is the innovative workpiece clamping system of the new devices. For this purpose, Mahr has combined a 390 x 430 mm mounting plate with a 50 mm bore dimension and an integrated 60 mm TY adjustment in such a way that no additional XY table is needed. Workpieces up to 90 kg are placed directly on the mounting plate. Insertable guide stops make it easy to flexibly position workpieces with just a few clicks.

Axes for as fast pace
The new MarSurf series move the contour probes along the X-axis with positioning speeds of up to 200 mm/s. This makes them up to 25 times faster than the Mahr predecessor devices. The highly dynamic probe system also enables significantly higher measuring speeds of up to 10 mm/s. Characteristics such as the rigidity of the probe arms, the dynamics of the probe system and the low vibration behavior are essential prerequisites for meeting the high accuracy requirements even at high measuring and positioning speeds. With up to 50 mm/s positioning speed on the Z axis, measurements are also carried out twice as fast as the predecessor devices and about 5 times faster than other axes available on the market. All Z-axes of the MarSurf series CD, GD and VD are fully CNC-compatible.

Automatic probe arm detection
With the new MarSurf devices, you can quickly mount or change a probe, because the probe arms are magnetically mounted and can therefore be quickly attached without tools. The probe arms of the MarSurf CD series are also equipped with a data chip, which is automatically read out after mounting. Within seconds, all the relevant information about the probe arm is available.
All in all, the new MarSurf devices impress with their short measuring times, high flexibility and more reliability for the workpiece, machine and operator. For reliable and fast feedback on production, the measuring stations can also be used close to production.

The image can be downloaded here.