MarWin: Did you know... globals

Did you know you can change global values in MarWin?

Many default-values in MarWin are not "hard coded" into the software but can be changed. You can distinguish them by their green color („green is for global“) in the parameter dialogs.

Let’s say we want to change the global default tolerance of QE ROUNDNESS to 10 µm for every user on this computer:
•    Copy the file „C:\Program Files (x86)\Mahr\MarWin\globals.ini“ into the directory „C:\Mahr\Users“
•    Open the file „C:\Mahr\Users\globals.ini“ with MarEdit (or notepad)
•    Delete everything you don’t want to change – that is, all lines except „qe_roundness.evaluation.tol“
•    Change the last value of this remaining line to „0.01“

If you want to change the value for a certain user only, e.g. for “Joe Danbar”, you want to copy the file to „C:\Mahr\Users\Joe Danbar“.