MarWin: Did you know... do-it mode in MarEdit

Did you know you can open a MarTom in “do-it” mode in MarEdit?

The normal mode for MarTomes in MarEdit is “edit” mode, meaning: The MarTom parameters are only edited, not executed. But sometimes you want the do-it-mode, e.g. if you work with QE CONTOUR. Just press “Ctrl” while double-clicking the MarTom. The MarTom will open in do-it mode as it would in TeachIn and will execute it’s function once you press “Start” (it will “DO IT”).

There is a corresponding behavior in TeachIn: While the normal mode in TeachIn is “do-it”-mode, you can start the “edit”-mode using “right-click”->edit.


In case you don’t know what I am talking about... let me explain the difference between “do-it” mode and “edit”-Mode:

If you double-click on a MarTom – e.g. PAUSE – in TeachIn, the MarTom will look like this:

There is a green “Start” button on the Dialog. If you press “Start”, the MarTom is executed and the Dialog “Hello MarWin” will be displayed. This is because the MarTom is opend in “do-it” mode.

If you double-click on the same MarTom in MarEdit, there is no start button – there will be a gray “OK”-button instead:

Note: The MarTom is opend in “edit”-mode. If you press OK, the MarToms function is not executed. That’s because only the parameter was edited.