MarWin: Did you know... spin ON!

Did you know you can switch on the C-Axis and let it run and run and run while you do your polar measurements?

This can decrease the scan time significantly and also may have some additional advantages for accuracy. For example, see the video attached where I do a cylindricity measurement with 5 polar traces in less than 30 seconds.

This works with the MMQs (200, 400) and the MarShaft Scopes in Advanced and Professional MarWin (Version 7).

To switch it on, in Advanced Form you can find this new parameter on the second tab of most of the QEs:

Note: In Prof. MarWin, you have a new parameter in ACTIVATE C_AXIS to switch on or off the spin if your machine supports “spin on”.

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spin ON! 
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Date: 2015-03-25
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