MarWin: Did you know... TeachIn Sequences

If you read my last newsletter about how to access more stuff in the command index in TeachIn, you may have wondered what “Sequences” might be:

A sequence is a bunch of MarScript-commands that can be inserted into your new TeachIn program.

You can write your own sequences both in TeachIn and in MarEdit. In TeachIn, just click together whatever sequence you’d  like and save it this way:

Give it any name you want. Once you did this, the new sequence will appear in your command index.

The nice thing is: sequences are not limited to TeachIn-functionality. You can write your own cool MarEdit-stuff, with loops and whatnot. There are limitations, though. Since a sequence is just a couple of commands inserted into the main program, you cannot use the stuff that comes before the main programs “BEGIN”. So no include files, no subroutines.


Note: There is actually quite a lot of documentation in the help-file about sequences. You might want to check out the help page “Program sequences”.