Metering Systems
Metering Systems
Meter Mix Dispense Maschines MarMax InSitu

Mahr Metering System offers a standard meter/mix-machine for the production of engineered polymers by the means of in-situ polymerization. The machine comprises the melting down of raw materials, mixing of liquids and metering of the mixture into the mould.

Typical applications:

  • Manufacturing of semi-finished products out of casted polyamide
  • Manufacturing of profiles by pultrusion of thermoplastics
  • Manufacturing of semi-fininshed products of thermoplastic composites
  • Technical Data
  • Options
  • for 1 up to 8 components, further on request
  • mixing rato 100:100 up to  100:1
  • flow rate approx. 0,05 l/min up to 120 l/min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity
  • viscosity up to 85.000 mPas, further on request
  • production process automatic or manually
  • recirulation, purge and sleep mode
  • mobile and steady state machines
  • data exchange with host computer
  • remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • service hotline

Options available:

  • separate melting station for solid raw materials
  • premixing station for fillers and metering of filled products
  • mixing of colours into matrix material