Press release: Non-contact measurements within seconds


Measurements within seconds: Pneumatic Millimar length metrology from Mahr


Millimar pneumatic length metrology for fast and reliable workpiece measurement

Pneumatic length metrology measures within seconds and without contact. As a result, damage to the surface of the workpiece can be avoided. Mahr offers a wide range of pneumatic measurement with highest precision for use directly on the shop floor at the machine.

Non-contact measurement with pneumatic Millimar length measuring devices provides high accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results: depending on the translation 0.5 microns to 20 microns. Measured parameters include diameter, hole spacing, taper, eccentricity, alignment of holes or mating. Powerful measuring elements such as air gage jet probes, jet air plug gages, jet air ring gages or jet air caliper gages record the value measured without contact or damage to the workpiece. The measured values are displayed by the Millimar display units.

The measuring stations are located directly in production alongside the production machine and spare the trip to the measuring room. The measurement task is started with the press of a button. The exact measuring value is calculated reliably within a second. This makes it possible to significantly increase the number of workpieces to be measured - and thus ensure the production quality even more reliably! The pneumatic length measuring technology is insensitive to environmental influences. Even uncleaned, oiled, greased or workpieces with lapping paste on them can be safely measured because the measurement points are cleaned by compressed air.

The pneumatic Millimar length measurement technology is well-proven and used worldwide by well-known companies. The system solutions include not only measuring rings or plug gages but also always a Millimar evaluation unit that clearly displays the measured values. This measuring system from Mahr offers significant financial advantages in addition to the measuring certainty: The pneumatic measurement saves time and costs, and the measuring rings including the evaluation unit are less expensive than comparable tactile measuring devices.

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