MarOpto TWI 60 Tilted Wave Interferometer
Tilted Wave Interferometer for the quick and flexible measurement and analysis of aspherical lenses
The Tilted Wave Interferometer (MarOpto TWI 60) is a new and highly flexible interferometer for the quick and high-precision measurement of aspheres.
The second picture shows the surface deviations measured in the A5 demonstrator asphere (free aperture 50 mm, best fit radius 40.8 mm, deviation from best-fit sphere 600 µm, gradient deviation 8°).
The lateral resolution is approx. 30 µm. During the data acquisition time of approx. 30 seconds, the entire surface of the asphere is measured at a high lateral resolution and with low measurement uncertainty. Most importantly, neither a CGH (Computer Generated Hologram) nor stitching is required.
  • Flexible interferometric measurements of aspherical lenses without CGH
  • Measurements without the need for stitching
  • Short data acquisition time of approx. 30 s
  • Beam diameter 100 mm
  • Permitted aspherical deviation compared to a best-fit sphere approx. 1.5 mm