Metrology 4.0 for Industry 4.0

Messtechnik für Industrie 4.0: roboterunterstützter Messplatz von Mahr mit Werkstückerkennung und -beschriftung

Metrology for Industry 4.0:
robot-assisted measuring station from Mahr
with workpiece recognition and labeling


The metrology of the future will be intelligent and networked, and take on an important role in the control of production in the smart factory of the future. The production metrology manufacturer Mahr presented its concept “SMAHRT Metrology” at the Control 2016: smart and innovative metrology as an answer to Industry 4.0.

Metrology from Mahr for the factory of Industry 4.0 measures automatically and quickly, and is wireless and user-friendly. It is networked, communicates its measuring data and measures much more frequently directly on the shop floor of the production process – whether as a 100-percent control or sample. The integrated systems are networked with each other and monitor themselves thanks to sensors.

Mahr presented its new “SMAHRT Metrology” at the Control 2016: It involves smart products that are intelligent and networked. Smart sensors allow for automatic recognition and data acquisition. Smart measuring solutions are the third building block of the concept. They contain individual, networked, semi and fully automatic customer solutions.

For the purposes of this concept, Mahr offers manufacturing facilities measuring technology that quickly and reliably delivers measurement results and controls production machines. With deviating tolerances, the production will be automatically adjusted in closed-loop to prevent rejected parts. This quality assurance is free of operator errors, making production significantly more reliable.

At the trade show in Stuttgart, Mahr presented the new mobile roughness measuring unit MarSurf PS 10 from its innovative measuring concept. This practical measuring unit is as easy to operate as a smartphone and shows how surfaces can be tested with local intelligence. The CNC measuring station for contour and roughness measurements exemplifies the efficient measurement of workpieces within the production line with robotic loading of workpieces, automatic workpiece recognition and labeling. Mahr also presented the MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D, for the optic-tactile measurement of camshafts, as well as the new measuring microscope MarVision MM 420 CNC at the trade show. These machines offer automated measurements – completely in the spirit of Metrology 4.0.

The metrology of the future places great importance on the communication between hardware and software. The new inductive measuring probe Millimar P 2004-USB can be connected directly to a computer thanks to a USB plug. The measuring software Millimar Cockpit with its Plug & Measure principle ensures that measuring results can be easily attained and processed. On the new gear measuring center, MarGear GMX 400 W, the application specialist Mahr shows how easily a 3D measurement of a gear is with the help of the software platform MarWin. Metrology from Mahr with corresponding software means measuring with more comfort for the user in the networked Industry 4.0.


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