Software platform for Industry 4.0

Die Softwareplattform MarWin 9.0 ermöglicht ein intelligentes Verarbeiten von Data-Matrix Codes Die Softwareplattform MarWin 9.0 ermöglicht ein intelligentes Verarbeiten von Data-Matrix Codes

The software platform MarWin 9.0 enables intelligent processing of data matrix codes


The software platform MarWin has established itself as an authoritative measurement and analysis software for many Mahr products and has set standards worldwide. The new software version MarWin 9.0 offers many new options, is ideal for the networked factory of Industry 4.0 and enables the reading of data matrix codes, QR codes and barcodes. MarWin now supports the gear measuring stations of the MarGear GMX W series. In version 9.0, MarWin is even Windows 10 capable.

Behind MarWin lies the philosophy that for each desired task and type of operation, there is an optimal solution. Especially in surface, contour, form and shaft metrology, the software platform MarWin has reached a standard of performance, set global standards and significantly contributes to the leadership of Mahr. With the new MarWin software version 9.0, the user-friendly software platform has reached a new level: it offers the user many new opportunities and is the perfect platform for the smart, networked factory of the future. The new MarWin 9.0 software version still runs under the operating system Windows 7 and is also used for the operating system Windows 10.

For metrological applications pertaining to the requirements in the field of ​​surface, contour and shaft metrology, future-oriented functions have been incorporated. An intelligent processing of information from graphic codes, such as matrix codes, QR codes and barcodes as a Quick and Easy (Q & E) function has been incorporated, for example. The simple operation enables the flexible combination of multiple codes and the splitting of code information into pieces of information, from which an application-oriented flow can then easily be created. With information about the production plant, the production line or the workpiece drawing, a Q & E measurement program can be started or measuring record headers filled. Using the Professional function "GENERATE GRAPHIC CODE", data matrix, QR and barcodes are generated and integrated in the measuring record. Therefore, MarWin is the ideal software platform for manufacturing companies of Industry 4.0, where quality assurance is increasingly automated.

For the first time, MarWin is now also compatible with the gear measuring stations of the MarGear GMX series. In the MarWin environment, a simple method is provided for the user to create measuring programs in teach-in mode with possibilities to combine form and gear applications. For efficient operation of MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, the measuring program in MarWin 9.0 starts when the door of the enclosure is closed. Further functionalities have been expanded such as the permanent rotating C-axis for dynamic diameter measurement which provides a reduction of the measurement time by approximately 50% and new application-oriented macros are available.

MarWin is compatible with all current and future Windows environments. All blocks (so-called "Martomes") can be independently developed and tested. This makes the software extremely adaptable and future-proof. Extensions and improvements are carried out by updates that principally do not affect the current functionality. Therefore, the application specialist Mahr can respond quickly to new demands of the market and customers at any time.

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