The future of accuracy and speed for high-precision length measurement

For efficient length measurement: Precimar PLM 600-E from Mahr

Mahr’s PLM 600-E precision length measuring machine offers absolute and relative measurement of precision products and testing instruments. The high-end measuring system is characterized by a low length measuring deviation (MPEE1 = (0.085 + L/1500) µm, position deviation (0.07 + L/2000) µm). The measuring machine executes automated measuring sequences which lead to more efficient measurements. For example, it is used in testing straight plug and ring gages, setting rings, gage blocks or thread gages. The delivered software function, “free dynamic measurement,” which exceeds the standard, enables measuring thin-walled (elastic) test items. Otherwise, these test items would be deformed or incorrectly measured with real measuring forces. Because of the detection of the test item’s elastic characteristics, the 828 WIN-software is capable of calculating the actual length in the uncontaminated, measuring-force-free status.

Since 1897, Mahr has been building horizontal length measuring instruments with the highest precision, now known as the series Precimar ULM, Precimar PLM and Precimar CiM. The length measuring machine is a further development of the established Precimar PLM 600-2. These innovations offer more comfort for the user and a more precise measurement. That’s why the “E” in the title stands for “economy.” Now, the length comparator also includes the established MarEcon control. This already successfully integrated control in universal length measuring machines like the Precimar ULM series will be incorporated into the Precimar PLM 600 in the next step. This runs independently of any PCs and the user can remain with his previously used computer or the proprietary computer due to USB. In addition to control, two functionalities have been improved: the modular motoric object table and the new height adjustment of the object table in Z.

The measurements are performed with the user-friendly, established 828 WIN-software which enables monitoring of test instruments by using the software Precimar GMS 100. The user controls the machine from a mobile and ergonomic control panel. He positions it exactly where it is needed and therefore he operates economically. The measurement is conducted by software through two TFT monitors, which are positioned in an optimal viewing direction for the user.

The now motorized TY- and TB-axes allow a rapid reversal point determination and consequently a faster calibration of test instruments. Subjective influences of the test item’s tracing will be reduced by automated TY-axis. What is also unique is that a manual TY adjustment is still possible. An automatic measuring force tracking during the reversal point search with all measurement is still available. The established Z-directing-system including scale system from the Precimar ULM series is now also integrated in the Precimar PLM 600-E. The advantage for the user: more stiffness of the Z-axis.

The DAkkS-/DKD-calibration laboratory of Mahr in Göttingen is accredited for calibration of horizontal length measuring instruments. Thereby, the Application Specialist for industrial metrology offers services for DAkkS-/DKD-calibration for length measuring instruments worldwide. The documentation is the DAkkS-/DKD calibration-certificate. The unique selling point: the calibration is carried out with mechanical tracing of gage blocks. The customer benefit: the calibration is happening in the same way as the later measurements and so, more reliable. Mahr customers obtain objective measurement results through calibration and can document their manufacturing quality.

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