High-precision testing of aspheres and freeform optics

Hochgenaue und wirtschaftliche Prüfung von Asphären- und Freiformoptiken: Messsystem MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D
Highly accurate and economical testing of aspheres and freeform optics:
Measurement system MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D

The measuring station MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D from the application specialist Mahr measures optical components visually and tactilely. For the optical measurement, an interferometric point sensor is used. The non-contact measurement with the optical fiber probe is carried out at high speed and prevents damage to surfaces. For the tactile measurement on polished optics there is a wide range of probes. The optical as well as the tactile sensor can be positioned on a motorized swivel in any angular position (0-360°). The modular measuring probe construction of the T7W enables multiple probes to be mounted - also in an optical/tactile combination.

The measuring machine is an evolution of the reference formtester MarForm MFU 100 – a highly accurate form measuring machine, which is successful at over 300 customers throughout the world. For close-to-production measurement in the optical industry, important new features have been implemented. An active damping system damps vibrations and regulates the level of the measuring station. The real-time compensation detects and corrects small deviations in the measurement sequence. Thanks to the high temperature stability over a long period, a daily calibration is no longer necessary.

The high-precision CNC rotary axis with automatic tilting and centering function allows a precise alignment of the optics to their axis. Thereby even the smallest errors that occur by clamping are compensated. Free tracking makes it possible to measure freeforms or topography of unknown geometries. This is done at high speed and records completely unknown topographies quickly and accurately. In addition to aspheres and freeforms, off-axis aspheres or toroids can also be measured and evaluated.

The new path control MCPC (Mahr Continuous Path Control) allows the tracing of a target profile in space by simultaneous measurement with two axes. A measuring speed of up to 5 mm/s is reached. In addition, a roughness measurement on surfaces with the optical sensor IPS 15 is possible. In order to evaluate the measurements of form, contour and roughness with standards, comprehensive and easy-to-use evaluation software is available in MarWin.

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