Technika pomiarowa

Technika pomiarowa
MaraMeter 57B-12M Przyrząd do pomiaru grubości
  • Solid casting with ribbed frame provides strength and rigidity for accurate measurements
  • Gage is furnished with a lift lever so work can be easily placed between the contacts
  • Large 54 mm/ 2.125“ diameter lower anvil provides convenient stage for small parts or flat materials
  • 4.75 mm/ .187“ diameter radiused upper contact normally provided
  • 102 mm/ 4“ throat depth for part clearance
  • Indicator mounts with adjustable back for quick positioning for each gaging requirement
  • Available with Dial Indicator or Digital Electronic Indicator
  • Dane techniczne

Nr kat.Typ produktuZakres pomiarowy mmGłębokość kabłąka mmWartość podziałki skali mm
0 - 25
102 mm
0,01 mm
0 - 12.5
102 mm
0,01 mm