40th anniversary of the height measuring unit Digimar 817

Moderner Klassiker: Höhenmessgerät Digimar CLM 817 von Mahr

A modern classic: Height measuring unit Digimar CLM 817 from Mahr


The height measuring unit Digimar 817 CLM from Mahr is used directly in production and in the workshop. It is very flexible and user-friendly: The speedy, innovative Quick Mode and the motorized measuring carriage accelerate measurements and simplify operation. This year, the Mahr classic celebrates its anniversary: For 40 years, it has been supporting manufacturing companies in quality assurance.

The motorized height measuring unit Digimar 817 CLM is designed to inspect heights on a workpiece, it calculates distances and symmetries and checks perpendicularity and straightness. The measuring station has established itself on the market for two reasons: firstly because of its reliable measurement precision and secondly because of its very convenient handling. In recent decades, the gage has made metrology history. In 1976, it came on the market, in 1980 it was the first height gage with built-in microcomputer and digital display, in 1990 users were able to create measurement programs and there was an interface for evaluation units, in 1996 the unit became mains-independent and was equipped with a control and evaluation unit.

The height gage simplifies the measurement in 2D mode by using measuring programs that are either already finished or have been created by the user. The quick measurement with the innovative Quick Mode is unique: The measuring carriage is manually moved in the direction of the measuring object and the motor immediately and automatically starts measurement. The control unit with its hot keys and self-explanatory icons facilitates intuitive use of the device. The measurement location of the workpiece is contacted from above or below. The optical incremental measuring system with double reader head ensures high measurement accuracy. The dynamic probe is guided precisely by stainless steel guide tracks, can is moved easily and smoothly on an air bearing system and thus offers high measurement repeatability. An internal temperature sensor compensates for temperature fluctuations, so that the unit can also be used in production.

The height gage is available in three sizes with measuring ranges up to 350 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm. Manufacturing companies remain well-equipped for the future with the Digimar 817 CLM: The gage is future-proof thanks to its upgradeability.

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