Measuring solutions for the optical industry

Mahr bietet Messlösungen für die Optikindustrie.

Mahr offers measuring solutions for the optical industry


The application specialist Mahr offer the optics industry tactile and optical measurement technology for the quality assurance of spheres, aspheres and free forms in all stages of production - from the blank to the polished and refined lens. The product portfolio ranges from entry-level products to the high-end device.

Mahr is positioning itself even more strongly with measurement solutions for the optical industry. To highlight this industry solution, the globally operating metrology manufacturer from Goettingen has created the product group MarOpto. The application specialist Mahr provides measurement systems for quality control of form and surface for every stage of production of lenses – from pre- and fine grinding to polishing up to ion beam processing.

Mahr has been offering high-end solutions for the measurement of contour and roughness of aspheres and free forms: The aspheric measuring stations MarSurf LD 130/260 Aspheric 2D and 3D ensure the quality of lenses in the first processing steps. The tactile high-end testing machine combines highly accurate measurement results with high measurement speed. The optical-tactile measuring station MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D determines both the 3D topography and centering error of an asphere. Free tracking also allows the testing of free forms and unknown aspheres. The innovative and award-winning Tilted Wave Interferometer MarOpto TWI 60 checks the entire surfaces of polished aspheres, automatically, without contact and within seconds without stitching or CGH.

With the purchase of Engineering Synthesis Design Inc. (ESDI), headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Mahr consistently continued the market expansion in the optical industry in 2015. The acquisition of the ESDI technology base at the surface and form metrology could be significantly enhanced by Fizeau interferometers. ESDI is an innovator in Fizeau interferometers and supplemented so ideally the existing Mahr product portfolio. The MarOpto Fizeau interferometers check spheres and other optics non-tactile, accurately, quickly and close to production. Mahr offers a broad product portfolio of standard systems on special solutions for vibration-resistant measurements.

In addition to the measuring systems, the industry solution from Mahr includes the suitable software for evaluation. The particular requirements of measuring tasks on optics are already stored. The software solutions ensure that the measurement results are shown meaningful and documented.

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