More comfort for length measurements

Kompaktlängenmessgerät: Millimar C 1200 von Mahr
Compact length measuring unit: Millimar C 1200 from Mahr

The new Millimar C 1200 is an electronic evaluation unit for length measurement with single probe input for inductive probes. The unit is extremely compact, requires little space in production and can be wall-mounted. It is distinguished by its high accuracy and long-term stability. The connected measuring probes allow individual measurements such as thickness measurements and radial and axial runout.

The unit can be set to mm, µm or inch and additionally offers a reversal of the counting direction, measuring range selection and presetting of dimensions. The user can set tolerance limits at any time using the intuitive operation and define nominal dimensions. The device is set within a few seconds, records even fast processes accurately and maintains a constant zero point - even when switching the measuring range.

The high resolution, high color contrast display provides clear and very responsive analog readings with selectable scales. Users can view the analog scale, numeric digital readings, or both. Display range is ±5000 µm and reading resolution 0.1 µm. The display may be adjusted to the ideal viewing angle (0º to 90º).

Using USB/Digimatic, or serial RS 232 connecting cables, the measured data can be transferred for documenting. External wireless may also be used.

The Millimar C1200 is unaffected by environmental influences and interference and therefore ideally suited for harsh production environments with temperature fluctuations, dirt and vibrations. The C1200 is powered by five standard "AA" cell rechargeable batteries, or by external power supply. The resulting added value of the battery operation results in user mobility and flexibility with this handy unit.

You can download the image here