Micrometer with Integrated Wireless Data Transmission Simplifies Measuring

Innovative Bügelmessschraube mit Funksystem: Micromar 40 EWRi von Mahr

Innovative Micrometer with integrated wireless:
Micromar 40 EWRi from Mahr


The new digital micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi from Mahr simplifies and accelerates quality assurance in production. It offers unique functions worldwide: 10 mm digits ensure fatigue-free reading of the measured values, and the tolerance and warning limit displays increase the process reliability. The micrometer is designed for the "SMAHRT Factory" of Industry 4.0.

The new digital micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi sets new standards: with the innovative measuring device, the user can measure decisively faster, more easily and more reliably. Measurement data is transferred to an i-Stick on a computer via the proven “integrated wireless” system - without any interfering data cables. The MarConnect interface provides the optimal connection. The micrometer confirms by means of a message on the display, whether the transmitted data was transferred correctly or whether the operator is in the receiving area of the i-Stick receiver. Mahr has the Eu-ropean patent for integrated radio. Thanks to this patent and the innovative technology behind it, the measuring instrument is very compact and consumes very little energy.

Micromar 40 EWRi is the first digital micrometer with 10 mm digits on a contrast-rich display for safe and fatigue-free reading of the measured values. For the first time, it offers a comfortable tolerance display and additionally displays warning limits. In this way, the operator always recognizes whether the workpiece is within the tolerance limits. Measurements thus gain a higher reliability in quality assurance and expensive rejected parts are avoided. The manufacturing process becomes more efficient and process costs are optimized.

The reference system from Mahr makes the handling of the micrometer much more comfortable, since the zero position is set only once. This setting remains stored for all further measurements. This avoids erroneous operation. With the new "Hold" function (digital lock), measured values can be "frozen" on the push button and can be safely read off from a machine.

The micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi is very precise and equipped with a state-of-the-art inductive measuring system. As a result, the measuring screw offers a precision that exceeds the high requirements of DIN 863. Due to the high protection class IP65, the measuring medium is protected against dust, coolants and lubricants and is therefore ideally suited for use in difficult environments in the production and workshop.

The image can be downloaded here.