Precimar Optimar 100 BV Dial indicator test device
Optimar 100 with image processing is a cost-effective test station for the partially or fully automated testing of analog and digital dial indicators, dial comparators and dial test indicator measuring devices. The retrofit kit for image processing can be added to the Optimar 100 enabling fully automatic reading of the displayed values of the test objects (pointer or numeric display) via the camera and image processing thus making the testing process considerably easier.
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Fast image processing via USB 3.0 camera
  • Compact design
  • Digital digit recognition
  • Steady LED lighting which does not require daylight
  • No cable connection necessary
  • The operator is free to complete other tasks during the automated testing process
  • Dados técnicos
  • Aplicações
  • Escopo de fornecimento

Incremento numérico [µm]
Desvio de medição longitudinal MPEE1 (C em mm)[µm]
≤ (0,2 + L/250)
Massa [kg]

  • Calibration of dial indicators, dial test indicator measuring devices and dial comparators
  • The QMSOFT® software system controls the dial indicator test device, processes the camera image (pointer or numeric display of the test object) and the reference measuring values of the dial indicator test device, and also performs all the subsequent processes related to test equipment management.
  • The testing routine can be implemented based on DIN, VDI, DKD or DAkkS guidelines, various international standards, or based on the company's internal specifications.
  • Deviations between test objects are illustrated in a graph during testing.

Retrofit kit for Optimar 100 dial indicator test device with image processing consisting of:
  • Stand hardware
  • USB 3.0 camera incl. cable, lens, driver software
  • Lighting incl. power supply unit
  • Software QMSOFT/QM-DIAL image processing