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Mahr Newsletter November 2018
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Quality assurance is made reliable with precise measurement results and documentation of data. Mahr supports your quality assurance with digital micrometers, for example, which protect the surface of your workpieces from scratches during measurement. Or with the latest version of our MarCom Professional software, whose new features provide even better protection against incorrect measurements and make it easier for you to program your measuring device.

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MarCom Professional: New update for more reliability
A new version of the interface software MarCom Professional was recently released and Mahr now offers further options for setting and programming measuring instruments via a PC workstation. The extensions prevent incorrect settings and manipulation.
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Measuring with 10 times the speed
Our popular Micromar 40 EWRi-L digital micrometer measures 10 times faster than a standard micrometer.  The non-rotating sliding spindle protects the surface of the workpiece. The measurement results are easily passed on via the integrated wireless system to your software.
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Optical 3D measuring systems in use
Our optical, confocal 3D measuring solutions are also used in quality assurance or for shaping. Read our useful information on the the various possible application of our measuring solutions.
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5 out of 5 stars for Mahr
In the large training test of the business magazine Capital Mahr achieves the highest rating for top quality as a training company. Five criteria were examined and evaluated: supervision, learning in the workplace, commitment of the company, chances of success and innovative teaching methods
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