Технология измерений
Технология измерений
MarOpto MT 150i Measuring Towers
Mahr presents the Fizeau interferometer measuring towers of the MarOpto MT series. These are modern workshop interferometer towers for operation close to production. Vertical tower solutions offer easy handling of lenses, quick measurement, including vibration damping and requires little space. Besides testing form deviation, towers with scales can towers with scales can produce highly accurate radius measurements as well. Motorized axes allow easy and fast operation.

The MarOpto MT 150i is suited for the measurement of spheres and aspheres with CGH (with a second adjustment table). The working range up to Ø 150 mm makes the interferometer measuring tower an indispensable tool in the production environment of high-end optics.

MarOpto FI 1100 Z and MarOpto FI 1150 Z are the powerful Mahr interferometers used in the MarOpto MT 150i.
  • 4" and 6" Fizeau interferometer with low measuring uncertainty
  • Easy operation and evaluation with IntelliWave software
  • Passive damping elements with air bearings on sturdy steel frame
  • Granite construction for maximum accuracy and rigidity
  • Zoom 1x to 6x
  • Optimized for use in the production environment
  • High-precision radial slide with zero-backlash preloaded profile rails
  • Области применения
  • Параметры

  • Non-contact measurement and evaluation of spheres and aspheres in the field of high-end optics
  • Interferometer for optics up to 100 mm diameter

  • 2-table version (aspheres and system measuring option)
  • 3-axes adjustable table (5-axes table optionally available)
  • Plano measurement option using additional tilting table
  • Different supporting rings