Системы контроля и учета
Системы контроля и учета
Meter Mix Dispense Maschines MarMax

Wherever precise mixing and dosing is required, the standard series of MarMax meter mix dispensing machine is used. Are processed among others single- and multi-component adhesives and resins, thermosets, thermoplastics, polyurethane.

Exemplary applications of the MarMax dispensing machines are:

  • Converting Industry / Flexible Packaging
  • Composite Industry / Lightweight f.e. by using for filament winding, tape winding,   pultrusion, RTM, SMC, prepreg manufacturing
  • Chemical industry
  • Adhesive Industry
  • Plastics industry
  • various other industries
  • Technical Data
  • Options
  • for 1 up to 4 components, further on request
  • mixing rato 100:100 up to  100:1
  • flow rate approx. 50 up to 4000 cc/min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity
  • viscosity up to 85.000 mPas, further on request
  • admissible operating temperature 80°C, further on request
  • production process automatic or manually
  • gear metering pumps
  • level control of vessels and baths
  • temperature control from supply tank to dosing head
  • recirulation, purge and sleep mode
  • mobile and steady state machines
  • data exchange with host computer
  • remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • service hotline

Optional available:

  • magnetic coupling
  • flow control optionally bades on the coriolis or on the gear based working principle
  • different kind of heating
  • remote maintenance per modem, ISDN, ethernet
  • vessels withscrew lid or flap lid
  • agitator
  • automatic refilling
  • degassing
  • vacuum
  • impact of vessel content with inert gas
  • etc.