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Metrology for modern optics production
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You have probably already noticed: there is a lot happening in the optics industry.
Whether a new lens geometry is on the market or batch sizes in production are decreasing or application fields have a wider scope, the demands on the production of optics are increasing – and with it the demands on your quality assurance.
With our MarOpto product portfolio, we have met these challenges and are already meeting the requirements for precise and rapid metrology for quality assurance of modern optics – from flats and spheres up to aspheres and freeforms.
Find out here which measurement solution is right for you. Enjoy!
New method for measuring double-sided optical elements
Due to the increasing high metrological demands on optical elements, Mahr has developed a measuring method that allows a new approach to the tolerancing possibilities.
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Measure form deviation, decenter and tilt in one measurement run
If optical and tactile measuring methods are combined, the relationship between the front and rear as well as the lens edge can be recorded in addition to the polished surface of an optic. By using correct fixturing, you can easily check the performance of your lens and quickly transfer the results by closed-loop.
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Form deviation measurements on aspheres in under 30 seconds
Even during production, aspheres must be continuously checked for form deviations. With the MarOpto TWI 60, Mahr offers a unique approach to interferometry that is ideally suited for this purpose: it measures with high precision in less than 30 seconds – without any stitching or CGH.
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