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Mahr Newsletter June 2017
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The Mahr Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dimensional production metrology. Mahr measuring instruments – from calipers to optical measuring systems – are used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, optics and applications pertaining to renewable energies to measure the smallest length, form and surface deviations on workpieces. In almost all areas of precision manufacturing, metrological innovations from Mahr pave the way for further technical and economic advancement.

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Control 2017: Record attendance and many closed deals
Record attendance, many visitors from abroad and a large number of closed deals: Mahr looks back on the Control 2017 very satisfied.
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Commutator shaft: Measurement now more flexible
For measurement of the commutator shaft directly in production, Mahr offers the proven measuring station MarSolution RPM. A new version now allows for even more flexible measurement – ideal for companies producing different types of commutators.
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Digital calipers for special applications
Mahr offers a complete range of digital calipers for special applications. These are equipped with the most modern measuring system with integrated wireless.
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Monitor measuring stations and use them more efficiently
With the new software tool Mahr Remote Monitor from Mahr, manufacturing companies monitor the status of their MarWin measuring stations and document their utilization. The data obtained is valuable in order to optimize processes and productivity in quality assurance. The Mahr remote monitor supports enterprises to operate their measuring stations even more economically.
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