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Mahr Newsletter November 2016
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The Mahr Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dimensional production metrology. Mahr measuring instruments – from calipers to optical measuring systems – are used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, optics and applications pertaining to renewable energies to measure the smallest length, form and surface deviations on workpieces. In almost all areas of precision manufacturing, metrological innovations from Mahr pave the way for further technical and economic advancement.

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Micro Manufacturing: Cooperation with Politecnico di Milano
Mahr is cooperating with the Micro Manufacturing group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. Mahr thus ensures the latest state of the art of micro material processing and measuring technology.
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Applications of the optics industry: Form deviation of an axicon
Axicons are lenses with comparatively simple geometry, but very special properties. In the production of these lenses as high-precision optics, it is necessary to monitor all manufacturing steps – starting with pre-grinding up to polishing.
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Roughness measurement with MarSurf PS 10 – Documentation of measuring
Wherever surface structures affect the function, processing or appearance of components or products, careful testing is of great importance. But how can surfaces be tested?
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Micrometers for special applications
It is not always possible to measure exact testing features with standard micrometers; special measuring surface shapes are often required. Mahr's latest electronic micrometers have been specially designed for such special applications.
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Formtester MarForm MMQ 400-2: Unique on the market with path control
The MCPC path control system of the MarForm MMQ 400-2 allows a target profile to be traced in space, e.g. for line shape measurement. A 10-fold faster measuring speed of up to 5 mm/s is achieved.
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Application tip: The correct radius measurement
For the measuring technician, measuring radii is a standard task that can be solved in a variety of ways. Mahr measuring devices provide an easy and fully automatic solution.
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