More efficient gear measurements under MarWin

Angebunden an die MarWin-Plattform: Verzahnungsmesszentrum MarGear GMX 400 W von Mahr

Connected to the MarWin platform:
Gear measurement center MarGear GMX 400 W from Mahr


The new universal gear measuring MarGear GMX 400 W from Mahr is now connected to the proven MarWin platform. Gear measurements are now supported by a very extensive gear software. It allows the user to solve measurement tasks considerably more extensively and efficiently.


The gear measuring center MarGear GMX 400 W from Mahr tests gears and complete gearbox shafts highly precisely and fully automatically. On one measuring device, all relevant gear cutting, molding and dimension measurements can be performed on spur and helical cylindrical gears. Added to this are 3D geometries, such as distances, diameters and cone angle. The measurement and evaluation of flank-corrected teeth with the typical standard parameters for profile, tooth trace, pitch, runout, tooth thickness, dimension over balls and roll size is possible as well as the tolerance evaluation of tooth form using K-charts. In one measurement sequence, the standard measurement can be easily combined with twist measurement, the measurement of head and root diameter. The examination of segment gears is just as feasible as the conical teeth. The highly accurate 3D scanning sensor combined with the direct-drive C-axis ensures precision and speed.

The new connection to the MarWin platform from Mahr, which has been sold more than 6000 times, simplifies and accelerates gear measurements. In the proven MarWin environment, complete programs for the measurement of gears can now be easily programmed in the teach-in mode. The proven MarGear GMX machine error correction in real time is also used with the new MarEcon control for positioning and speeds up the entire measurement and movement sequence. The new software is easy to use and offers a variety of interfaces to facilitate the automation of the measuring process. Even when importing gear data, for example, the GDE format, a 3D model of the gear for optical control is presented, the tooth geometry is checked for plausibility, thus minimizing operator errors.

The clear user interface "QE Cylindrical Gear" provides numerous interfaces for data import and export. With the QEP interface (Quick & Easy profile), profile and result data of a gear measurement can be securely archived in the specific MarWin format and later uploaded for subsequent evaluation. With the new module "QE Cylindrical Gear", Q & E modules from the MarWin kit can be quickly and easily linked to a complete program for a gear shaft.

The measuring system MarGear GMX 400 W belongs to accuracy class 1 for gear measurements according to VDI / VDE 2612/2613 Group 1 at 20 ° C ± 2 K (rotational axis in formtester accuracy). The measuring system is designed for workpieces up to an outer diameter of 400 mm. With a long tailstock option, gear shafts up to 700 mm length can also be checked. Under the new software platform MarWin, Mahr also offers the MarGear GMX 275 W and MarGear GMX 400 ZLW measuring stations.

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