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Mahr at the center of a business visit by city representatives

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Mahr Managing Director Manuel Hüsken and Dr. Lutz Aschke presented the focal points of the new corporate strategy to politicians and representatives of the city.

As part of their business visits, GWG (Economic and Urban Development Göttingen) Managing Director Ursula Haufe and the then Mayor Rolf-Georg Köhler visited Mahr in October. The guests wanted to find out where the technology company stands, which topics are currently and will be addressed in the future, and where the City of Göttingen can provide support if necessary.

During the discussion, Managing Directors Manuel Hüsken (CEO) and Dr. Lutz Aschke (CFO) provided information about the history of the company, which is now 160 years old, as well as about the three business areas of production metrology, mixing and metering technology and rotary stroke bearings. In addition, they talked about corporate acquisitions in technology and know-how. Of the company's 1,800 employees worldwide, around 700 work at the Göttingen site. Ten percent of the total workforce is involved in worldwide service – an important signal of customer orientation.

Commitment to the location and to more sustainability
Ideas for expanding the Göttingen location and optimizing the energy efficiency (e.g. CO2 reduction) of the current buildings and facilities were also discussed. Renewable energies, for example photovoltaics, as well as the optimization of building technology are to play an important role here.

In cooperation with the Göttingen public utility company, Mahr has been committed to sustainability for many years. Among other things, the municipal utility operates a combined heat and power plant (CHP) on behalf of Mahr, which is used to efficiently generate electricity and heat for the Mahr property. Surplus heat that is not required for heating the buildings is not lost, but is used to operate an absorption chiller that is used for air conditioning the assembly halls. Since Mahr's high-precision measuring instruments are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, a constant climate is required throughout all seasons. The company's sustainability concept also includes large green areas on campus and infrastructure as well as products that are easy to repair to ensure a long service life.

Effective strategies that take hold
Mahr has developed a corporate strategy for the next five years that defines specific corporate goals. For example, the company is tackling the change in the automotive industry very successfully with new ideas. That the new approaches are taking hold is already noticeable: In some of the Göttingen production halls, the company is already manufacturing modern system solutions for key technologies related to electric motors and energy storage. At the same time, solutions for quality assurance in mechanical engineering are increasingly in demand.

Excellence in products and in employees
Measuring instruments from Mahr meet the highest quality standards and are considered reference products by the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt (PTB; the national metrology institute of the Federal Republic of Germany) in Braunschweig. Mahr continues to focus on the excellence of its employees and on recruiting skilled personnel locally. Educational partnerships in the regions are also important to Mahr in Göttingen. As a family-friendly company, Mahr's own kindergarten is an important matter.

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Manuel Hüsken, CEO Mahr, Rolf-Georg Köhler, former Mayor of the City of Göttingen, Ekaterina Ershova and Burkhard Fuchs, City of Göttingen, Ursula Haufe, GWG Managing Director, and Dr. Lutz Aschke, CFO Mahr (l.t.r.)

Source reference: Picture: Mahr GmbH

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