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MarSurf WI Series: Precise measurement in the lower nanometer range

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Presenting the new, highly innovative product series from the metrology professional Mahr: Three powerful white light interferometers now expand the portfolio of optical devices. They enable 3D measurements of structures whose size ranges from a few nanometers to a few micrometers.

Whether in medical technology, optics or the semiconductor industry, many sectors rely on extremely smooth surfaces to ensure that lenses, wafers or implants have the right properties. For this purpose, they are elaborately manufactured and subjected to meticulous tests in the manufacturers' laboratories and quality assurance departments. Because the roughness of these surfaces depends on the sub-nanometer, white light interferometry is the measurement method of choice.

The three new Mahr white light interferometers are equipped with the unique ICA technology ("Intelligent Correlation Algorithm"). ICA enables very good statistical determination of height values, best data quality and a minimum noise figure of only 80 picometers. It delivers measurement data in just a few seconds. For users, this means: highly precise topography data and surface structures at a very high vertical resolution.

The new white light interferometry series from Mahr comprises three devices: The manual MarSurf WI 50 M as an all-round entry-level solution for demanding measurement tasks. The MarSurf WI 50 as a high-precision measuring tool for research and quality management and the automatable MarSurf WI 100 as a professional device with extended Z-axis for particularly large workpieces.

In addition to accuracy, the three devices score with a very large positioning volume for large workpieces and the intuitive user software that Mahr customers already know and appreciate from the other optical systems. This allows laboratories and quality assurance to determine the finest roughnesses, step heights or levels in the nanometer range – in just a few seconds.

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Die drei Weißlichtinterferometer der neuen MarSurf-WI-Serie messen Strukturen und Topografien bis im unteren Nanometerbereich (Bild: Mahr)

Photo: Mahr GmbH

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