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Mahr Inc. Announces New MarCal 18 EWR(i) Digital Caliper with Expanded 800 mm Measuring Range and Integrated Wireless Connectivity

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Digital Caliper Offers Enhanced Precision and Wireless Efficiency for Diverse Industrial Applications

PROVIDENCE, RI – September 19, 2023 – Mahr Inc., a global manufacturer of precision measurement equipment used for dimensional metrology, today announced the new MarCal 18 EWR(i) digital caliper. This latest addition to Mahr's digital caliper line features an extended measuring range of 800 mm to enable users to measure larger components without requiring larger 1,000 mm calipers, which are often cumbersome and challenging to handle.

The MarCal 18 EWR(i) features Mahr’s unique integrated wireless data transmission with an internal wireless chip that seamlessly communicates with Mahr's iStick receiver to enhance measurement efficiency, enabling users to measure faster, more easily, and more reliably while reducing the likelihood of errors. This allows for seamless transmission of measurement data directly to a computer, eliminating the need for bulky data cables. The caliper confirms via a message on the display whether the data is transferred correctly. This is particularly valuable when conducting measurements directly in the production environment, where streamlined processes are critical.

Suited for a wide variety of industrial applications, the MarCal 18 EWR(i) digital caliper alleviates the complexities associated with accurate measurements of large/heavy parts, ultimately enhancing overall measurement precision. The tool is particularly useful for roaming quality inspectors who need to measure parts that are too challenging to be brought to a stationary gaging station/bench. Ideal applications include large gears, driveshafts, and anything substantial in size or weight.

Furthermore, the MarCal 18 EWR(i) digital caliper is designed for the demanding production environment, featuring an IP65 rating to ensure optimal performance even in the harshest manufacturing conditions. Crafted from lightweight steel, the caliper is engineered for easy handling, addressing the challenges posed by traditionally bulky caliper designs. Its ergonomic design and robust construction enable seamless integration into production workflows, enhancing efficiency and precision.

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When customers are faced with a metrology need, they turn to Mahr Inc., for unmatched industry expertise. Mahr Inc.’s knowledgeable, experienced team has made the company a leader in precision measurement for more than a century.

Mahr Inc., a member of the Mahr Group, has been providing dimensional measurement solutions to fit customer application needs for more than 160 years. The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of dimensional metrology equipment, from simple and easy-to-use handheld gages to technically advanced measurement systems for form, contour, surface finish and length. Mahr Inc. is also well known as a producer of custom-designed gages and a provider of calibration and contract measurement services. Mahr Inc.’s calibration laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 NVLAP Lab Code 200605-0 (see our Scope of Accreditation for accredited calibration processes). For more information, visit

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