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Measuring roughness with mobile devices – this is how it works

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What you need to know as a user: Our new brochure provides information about technologies and selection criteria

Mahr offers a wide portfolio for surface analysis with portable measuring devices. What many people don't know: for mobile use, we also have a solution for optical scanning of the surface in our program – in addition to many tactile devices.

Six factors for selecting the right measuring system
Reason enough to not only highlight the products with our new brochure on mobile surface analysis, but also to take an in-depth look at the technology. We therefore present six factors that will help you find the right device for your application – from easy handling in production or incoming goods inspection to statistical testing of machined surfaces.

These topics await you:

  • Learn about the strengths of optical and tactile measuring devices for mobile roughness measurement
  • Learn about six factors that can help you decide which technology is best for your application
  • Discover the many possibilities for optical 3D analysis of your surfaces with the mobile measuring microscope MarSurf CM mobile
  • Explore the entire Mahr portfolio for mobile surface inspection and discover the differences between the various tactile devices

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  • Want to learn about mobile roughness measurement or measuring surfaces with optical sensors? Let our experts explain it to you in the video; in our Metrology Talk.
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