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Sustainability and compliance

Out of solidarity with our fellow human beings and the environment, we accept our responsibility as a globally operating company.
We are committed to upholding the laws and rules of conduct that apply worldwide. In addition, we will do everything in our power, now and in the future, to help protect the climate and the environment - for our mutual benefit.

Act responsibly

For the Mahr Group, sustainability means securing the long-term success of the company while at the same time protecting the livelihood of current and future generations.

We do this by focusing our efforts on reducing emissions, supporting measures to protect the climate and promoting cooperation and knowledge sharing, based on the model set out in the Paris Agreement.

Mahr’s main objective is to use our products to improve the quality of life. Our actions as a responsible corporate citizen are also shaped by our desire to grow - and to conserve the world's natural resources in the process. That is why we continue to research and develop to create sustainable innovations; we aim to make renewable energies more efficient and industrial products even safer, cleaner and more economical .

We will never be careless with non-renewable resources (necessary for our production), using them instead responsibly and with purpose. As a manufacturing company, our contribution to saving energy and climate-friendly production is made by implementing appropriate measures (such as regulating consumption and energy).

Social engagement is at the core of Mahr’s business. Out of respect for our employees, we believe in occupational safety and human dignity - all over the world. That is why equal opportunity, health and the well-being of our employees are our top priorities. But Mahr also plays a leading role beyond its company borders. We are actively involved in the field of education and knowledge transfer and take responsibility for securing the livelihood of future generations.

Given that we are a company that is active all over the world, it is vital that we deal responsibly with consumption and production. Using existing infrastructures wisely and expanding and converting these infrastructures in a climate-friendly way is an integral part of this. Just like the synergetic use of supply chains, fair trade and an efficient production strategy are indispensable to economic growth. At Mahr, we are convinced that a flourishing economy in the interest of all can only be achieved in a world that is both socially and ecologically balanced.

Successful sustainability ratings

The Supply Chain Act came into force on January 1, 2023. This creates the legal framework to protect the environment, human rights and children's rights along global supply chains. At the same time, our customers also formulate the highest requirements for our environmental and social criteria. To comply with all of this, Mahr has several


sustainability ratings. This demonstrates our qualification as a reputable and future-proof supplier. Our suppliers worldwide must also meet the sustainability criteria – and the suppliers' suppliers. This creates a global supply chain for the protection of people, the environment and resources.

Certified by SAQ, CDP and EcoVadis

We have successfully passed our sustainability ratings with

  • SAQ, a platform initiated by the automotive industry
  • CDP, a non-profit organization
  • EcoVadis, an international platform

They all query an extensive list of criteria, for example on emissions data, procurement, environmental protection or labor law.

We give you our word

As an international company, we rely on principles and rules that always apply to everyone within the Mahr Group. These rules and principles are in place for the protection of our customers and our internal structures and to promote mutual trust.

An essential part of this commitment is the obligation to observe the law and to keep promises that have been made. Mahr is built on a foundation of trust - trust between employees and superiors, trust amongst colleagues and trust towards our customers and trading partners. Equally indispensable for the company are the quality and guiding principles of responsibility, reliability, fairness, diversity, quality and integrity. These values are part of the Mahr DNA and are not negotiable at any time.

The goal of the compliance guidelines is to ensure that our employees adhere to legal regulations, internal guidelines and ethical principles in their daily work at all times. In order to protect our employees, and others with whom we have business relations, from corruption and its consequences, we have summarized the most important principles in this guideline.

Integrity is indispensable when it comes to our business activities. Complying with laws, guidelines and agreements is our contribution to a responsible and sustainable economy and society.

Have you witnessed
irregular conduct?

To protect our behavioral values and standards, we ask you to report any conduct that violates the rules,
regardless of whether you are an employee, business partner or even a third party. Please contact us:

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