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MarOpto MFU 200-3D: ultraprecise form measurement for the optical industry

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One machine – two ultraprecise concepts: Mahr now offers the well-proven MFU universal form measuring system in two versions for different applications. The first, MarOpto MFU 200-3D, measures optical components automatically, quickly and near production in 2D and 3D. The second machine, MarForm MFU 200, inspects the form and position of rotationally symmetrical workpieces with tolerances of less than 1/1000 of a millimeter* with high precision.

For decades, the MFU system has stood for accuracy and stability. Thanks to its universality and ultraprecision, it has qualified as a reference measuring center. It offers the lowest measurement uncertainty, which increases the tolerance margin for production, optimizes processes and ultimately reduces production costs.

Equipment and performance features MarOpto MFU 200-3D

The MarOpto MFU 200-3D is a universal machine for measuring spheres and aspheres, cylindrical lenses and freeforms. Measurements are automated, fast and close to production in 2D and 3D, with external influencing factors largely eliminated. The combination of optical and tactile probe arms enables users to determine both the surface form deviation of optical surfaces and their centering and tilt errors in a single clamping operation. A set of clamping devices specially developed for the optical system ensures high flexibility for wide-ranging applications. Production-oriented solutions for measuring and evaluating various lens geometries are offered by the Aspheric Lib and AnyShape software packages, which can be expanded based on the MarWin software platform.

*Note to editors
For more information on the MarForm MFU 200, please refer to the separate press release.

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The MarOpto MFU 200-3D measures components in the optical industry automatically, quickly and close to production in 2D and 3D.

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