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Production metrology for research and education

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Optimally working metrology is an important prerequisite for scientific research in technical disciplines at the highest level. For Mahr, it's important to support this, and consequently we actively collaborate with a number of European universities. In addition to the scientific aspect, the focus has always been on well-founded and practice-oriented knowledge transfer, and application training for students and researchers alike.

University in Žilina, Slovakia

A recent example of such collaboration is when Mahr Metrológia, s.r.o. Slovakia expanded its cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University in Žilina, an important industrial city and centre of northwest Slovakia.  "Here we have installed our demonstration system MarSurf CD 140 in the faculty's lab," reported Brett Green, Vice President Sales EMEA.  "On the one hand, this allows students to familiarise themselves with the Mahr product directly, and on the other hand, the Mahr sales engineers are able to use the laboratory at the university as a showroom for customers and application tasks.  The university also provides support with the technical implementation."  Green sees the cooperation as an investment in the future: the students get to know and appreciate Mahr's measurement technology, and valuable contacts with regional industrial companies result from the cooperation.

Czech Technical University Prague

Another example has brought Mahr together with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University in Prague.  This is a modern research institute that brings together young talent and unique know-how for future-oriented education.  As a technology leader, Mahr has always cooperated closely with the national research institutes of the Czech Republic.  In this particular project, the company was asked to support the university in its measurement tasks for the form and surface roughness of turbine blades. "For this purpose, we were able to demonstrate our MarSurf LD130 solution, which offers unrivalled speed and performance for this task," said Green.  Mahr technology was well suited to this project, and because of excellent references, for example from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.  "Furthermore, this strengthens our long-standing relationship with the Czech Technical University, whose faculty members regularly and actively participate in our Mahr Exactly workshops." Green said.  "Collaboration really benefits both organsiations".

Vienna University of Technology

Measuring room opening in Vienna: Thanks to modern and diverse equipment, the new high-precision measuring laboratory of the IFT (Institute of Manufacturing and Photonic Technologies) at the Vienna University of Technology can hold its own in national and international comparisons. With light microscopes, tactile measuring instruments, computer tomographs, scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes, the measurement laboratory offers a wide range of measurement possibilities.

The IFT and Mahr cooperate for product developments: "The institute's experience in the areas of machine tools, control systems and Industry 4.0 is an important addition to the actual metrological know-how for Mahr," said Heiko Kern, Head of Product Management, who was present at the official opening of the laboratory. At a subsequent quality management meeting, participants learned about current developments in measurement technology. Kern gave a presentation on "Comparison of optical and tactile surface measurement".

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