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Trainings for measurement engineers

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In the Mahr Academy, experts in metrology and quality inspection provide you with intensive basic and in-depth knowledge on more than 30 topics - adapted to your personal level of experience. Learn more – watch the video.

Beginner, advanced or professional?

In our training courses, we impart knowledge at every level of expertise and practical experience. Depending on your personal qualifications, you can take part in our beginner, advanced or professional courses, which can build on each other or be attended as individual courses. We also develop training programs individually adapted to you - feel free to contact us!

Over 30 different offers

Whether online, on-site at one of the Mahr locations or in-house directly at your company, every minute of Mahr seminar is an effective investment in your own know-how! You benefit from the wide range of both Mahr seminars, AUKOM seminars, and the focus weeks mentioned in the video. Combine theory and practice and apply your newly learned knowledge directly.

Partner of AUKOM e.V.

We are a long-standing partner of the AUKOM e. V., which sets the bar for a global training standard for production measurement technology worldwide. The certified degree by AUKOM is an official seal of quality for your training in production metrology and is internationally recognized.

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