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For more than 160 years -
our Mahr mission

Company | Who we are

Our objective: never settle for mediocrity

To us, expertise means recognizing, developing and acting. Top quality is the measure of our performance. We never stand still, we are constantly improving, inspiring and implementing – every day. We tackle your problems with enthusiasm, finding creative ideas and solutions.

Our craft

Our name is traditionally associated with quality, precision and innovation. We manufacture high-quality measuring instruments that are used for both analysis and evaluation of workpieces. In addition, high-precision gear and metering pumps and ball-bearing guides are universal mechanical design components and essential parts of our product range.

Fifth generation family business

We are a globally operating, medium-sized family business with a focus on developing, manufacturing and selling production metrology, metering and mixing pumps and ball-bearing guides.

We're up for the task

We help our customers with their measuring tasks while raising their quality assurance to a new level. In particular, we are in touch with our customers on a regular basis and use their feedback to continuously improve our performance.

Progress through motion

Now in the fifth generation, family members and successors of company founder Carl Mahr stand firmly behind his life's work. After more than 160 years, the company continues to transform present vision into future progress, remaining a valuable and reliable partner for the industry.

Company | Our DNA

What drives us

We strive for progress. Our goal is to improve and solve problems and we are not afraid to set out on completely new paths to accomplish this goal.

Customer focus

... means listening to our customers and understanding their problems. We are partners and together we can tackle any technical challenge-even when things get tricky. This is what sets us apart from the others.


... doesn’t just mean delivering error-free and on time. It’s much more than that. We keep an eye on the profitability and efficiency of your project and help you achieve secure, sustainable processes.


... we demonstrate it by being open, standing by our word - and only making promises that we can keep. Fairness develops trust, which is an absolute prerequisite for mutual success.


... makes us who we are. Although we are proud of our Swabian roots, we would never have become the company that we are today without the influence of our sites and employees around the world.

Mahr | Our Task

Why we do what we do

We see ourselves as manufacturers of future technologies and consider it our duty to improve the quality of human life.

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About Mahr | Management

Experience for progress

Our employees make Mahr what it is: a technology leader in its industries. Together, we can build on more than 160 years of expertise for maximum precision, which we continuously develop for the benefit of our customers. This is guaranteed by innovative strength and a clear strategy for a challenging future.

Mahr | CEO

Manuel Hüsken

Chairman of the Board

Mahr | CTO

Dr. Martin Thomaier

Managing Director

Mahr | CFO/CIO

Robert Mikula

Managing Director

History | Where we come from

Our Roots

Starting out as a small family business in the Swabian town of Esslingen, Mahr has stood for innovative metrology, metering pumps and rotary stroke bearings for more than 160 years.

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About Mahr | International Presence

At your service around the world

With 20 Mahr locations in America, Asia and Europe and an additional 39 dealerships around the world, we have created a broad network to ensure an international presence on five continents: from South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina and Vietnam to Greece, the UK and Australia.

For detailed information on all Mahr locations and dealerships worldwide, as well as the corresponding contact points, please use the following link.

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Mahr | Our promise

We take responsibility

Because we care so deeply for our world and its people, we do everything we can to act with meaning and purpose.

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