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Automated measurement thanks to robot loading

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Automation thanks to robot loading

Customers have asked, Mahr has responded: Mahr Engineered Solutions (MES) has developed a cost-effective solution to automate recurring measurements. A collaborative robot loads measuring stations in the measuring room or near the production line without an operator, which significantly increases the degree of utilization of the measuring station and drastically reduces overall costs.

Mahr will show the new development for the first time at Control 2023 on a MarSurf contour and roughness measuring station. This is particularly suitable for customers who want to inspect high quantities of a recurring workpiece as continuously and promptly as possible.

Robot automatically removes workpieces

The system consists of a workpiece storage unit with pull-out magazines containing the parts to be measured. The MarSurf measuring station is located on the workpiece storage unit; a robot arm is attached to the side so that it can easily access the magazines. The robot pulls one out and removes a component using the gripper, which was made to fit precisely in 3D printing. It then places it on the workpiece holder of the MarSurf device, and the measurement is started automatically. After successful measurement, the robot puts the part back into the workpiece storage.

Solution with numerous benefits

Customers benefit from many advantages with this system:

  • It requires only as much space as a standard measuring station
  • No personnel are tied up at the measuring station
  • An operator is only required to reload the magazines
  • The service life of the measuring device is increased, even three-shift operation is possible
  • Depending on the application, even simultaneous loading and measuring is possible
  • The robot can be reprogrammed very easily and quickly for other workpieces, making it flexible in use
  • Overall, throughput thus increases while costs decrease

"At the moment, we are planning the robot for MarSurf measuring stations," says Axel Binder, Director Global Engineered Solutions. "But all other measuring stations, such as for form measurement with our MarForm MMQ family, are also conceivable in the future." In this context, the system can be used for MarSurf measuring stations of all configurations – not only for new ones. This is because Mahr devices that have been in proven use for some time can also be retrofitted with it. "All in all, we thus offer a cost-effective and standardized solution for pallet measurement," summarizes Binder.

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