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Function upgrade of MarSurf measuring stations for large components

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Upgrade instead of buying new: Mahr Engineered Solutions offers a function upgrade of MarSurf measuring stations for large components.

This allows companies to update their proven surface and contour metrology instead of purchasing expensive new devices – true sustainability with a savings effect. This solution is suitable, for example, for the automotive, aerospace or bearing industries.

Extending service life through upgrades

"Established Mahr metrology is often in use for many years or decades. Our customers appreciate this quality," explains Axel Binder, Director Global Engineered Solutions. "With the function upgrade, they can continue to use the proven metrology and measuring programs without restriction, but significantly upgrade the measuring station in terms of handling. This allows them to save time and measure much more efficiently. This means that an investment in Mahr metrology pays off even more." An upgrade is also significantly less expensive than a completely new acquisition. In addition, companies often finance such upgrades from other budgets, which allows them to renew their metrology comparatively inexpensively and thus attractively.

Upgrade instead of new purchase for automotive customers

Two examples at Mahr customers in the automotive industry show how easy these upgrades are and how much the customers benefit from them. Both wanted to upgrade the existing standard XCR 20 measuring stations to new requirements and higher comfort for the operators. This is because handling large and complex workpieces in particular is complicated and tedious. For this purpose, Mahr Engineered Solutions designed a measuring station where the user can easily move heavy workpieces weighing up to 300 kg by hand thanks to air bearings. Precise positioning and alignment of the measuring point is made possible by the independent fine adjustment of the rotary axes and the two linear axes, which are arranged below the clamping plate with Ø 600 mm.

Flexible measuring station concept

"This measuring station concept is called S002. Our customers can combine it with any drive units from the MarSurf product group," says Binder. The flexible measuring station concept makes it possible to retrofit the purely manually operated basic measuring station setup at the customer's plant. In this case, the existing measuring technology is mounted on the new hard rock with base and thus continues to be used. Mahr has already implemented a large number of installations of this type worldwide. Of course, this successful measuring station concept is also available as a new machine with the CD/GD/VD 280 drive units.


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