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Mahr apprentices as ambassadors of digitization

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This spring saw the launch of the Digiscouts project, in which apprentices look for digitization opportunities in their companies and implement them together with experts. This year, 30 apprentices from ten companies in the Hanover region and southern Lower Saxony are participating in the project. At Mahr, too, five trainees are looking for ways to advance digitization.

The changes associated with digitization are affecting companies in a wide range of industries. Tomorrow's skilled workers have grown up with the Internet and also want state-of-the-art technology for their everyday work. Reason enough also for Mahr to participate in the project and to take advantage of the young people's interest in digitalization. This not only makes training more attractive, but also generates added value for the company.

The "Digiscouts" project

In the project, which is currently still ongoing, the young people are to identify potential for change in their companies and, building on this, develop ideas on how to connect digitally with customers or suppliers. In companies that have already digitized many processes, the aim is to uncover further potential and thus make internal company processes more efficient, faster or more customer-friendly. They are supported in this by RKW Nord and the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which initiated the project and are helping the young people to implement the idea. By setting milestones during the project phases, they ensure that schedules are adhered to and that the project continues to develop. And the apprentices? They expand their digital skills, collaborate virtually on a shared platform, increase their knowledge in e-learning, and gain project management experience along the way.

Opportunities for improvement to make work easier

In order to advance digitalization in everyday work at Mahr, the trainees have uncovered some potential. Among other things, they see enormous opportunities for improvement in the use of the screw warehouse, which is located in the immediate vicinity of production. The team of five worked together over a period of six months to improve the operating and work equipment.

Digital solution for efficient warehousing

In the current warehouse for C-parts, various types of parts required in production are distributed in small boxes on man-high shelves over a width of approximately twelve meters. If one of these items is needed, the employees have to search the shelves for the right item each time. This takes a lot of time - especially when it is not even possible to ensure that the goods are available at all and that the crate is not empty. To solve this problem, Mahr's trainees have developed the "digital screw warehouse". With the help of computer software, which was programmed by IT trainee Till Fischer himself, the article numbers of the C-parts can be searched for. After a search query has been submitted in the software, a small lamp flashes on the corresponding compartment, indicating the storage location of the goods. The advantages of this are obvious: clarity and order, combined with faster retrieval of parts. A simple idea, but one that can achieve great things and save an enormous amount of time.

At the presentation of the project in a festive setting in Hanover, the Mahr trainees took third place - a result that is something to be proud of.

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