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Measure bearing rings close to production

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Mahr has developed a centering device for bearing rings for the MarForm MMQ 500 form measuring machine.

Effective immediately, customers can convert the MarForm MMQ 500 form measuring machine into a production-related measuring station for bearing rings. Mahr Engineered Solutions (MES) has developed a special centering device as a new accessory especially for this purpose. This positions bearing rings with a diameter of 20 to 330 millimeters in the center of the C axis.

The unit consists of an aluminum base plate, which is mounted on the centering and tilting table of the MarForm MMQ 500. For this purpose, Mahr uses the existing screw holes for clamping devices. On the base plate there are three support rails with precise shafts manufactured by Mahr, on which the operator places the bearing ring. In addition, there is a magnet in the base plate next to each of the three support rails. These three magnets secure the centering position of light, small bearing rings up to a diameter of 110 millimeters.

Centering with three levers

Once the operator has placed the workpiece on the base plate, it can be manually centered using three levers: One of the levers has a handle that the operator pulls. This causes all three levers to move synchronously to the center of the fixture and thus optimally align the part with the C axis – the best prerequisite for using the MarForm MMQ 500 to inspect the form and location characteristics of the bearing rings without interfering components or external forces. After actuation, all three levers automatically swing back to their initial position and thus do not interfere when measuring the outer surfaces of the workpiece.

The following video illustrates how the centering device works:

Special component goes into series production

The centering device can move workpieces weighing up to ten kilograms. It is suitable not only for bearing rings, but also for other flat rotationally symmetrical workpieces that do not need to be clamped. Originally, Mahr developed the centering device exclusively for a major customer. But due to the flexible application possibilities and the high customer benefit, it will be available immediately as an accessory for the MarForm MMQ 500.

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